Recruitment can be a daunting, time-consuming task (that’s why recruitment is a full-time role) an agency works alongside you to find the perfect candidate. But there is much more to it than just that…

Let us explain a bit more about how an agency works…

First, we get to know about your business, it’s history, it’s culture and environment. By taking time to understand what makes your business unique we can find exactly the right candidates that will work well with the rest of your team and within your industry.

After we’ve gathered all the information we need on your company, next we study the role you are looking to recruit for. We will want to know as much information about the role as possible so we are sourcing well-matched candidates and can paint a perfect picture for candidates ensuring it’s a good fit on both sides.

We would then go away and begin to work on filling the position for you, the first task is market the role. This starts with writing a unique job advert, which is then shared on various different job boards. Job boards are a perfect way to attract candidates and whilst you might be reading this thinking you could just post a job ad yourself it’s worth bearing in mind that an agency will work with job boards all the time, they will more than likely pay for premium packages and know exactly how to write a job ad that works best on each individual site. The advert will also be posted on social media pages and the agencies website where active candidates will always keep an eye on.

Agencies also have access to software that allows them to search for your ideal candidates and extensive CRM systems with both active and passive candidates details. An agency will approach a candidate about your role as long as they have the right experience and skill set. It’s important to work with an agency that will approach candidates in a professional way that will engage their attention and reflect your brand.

From here your Consultant will have gathered a good number of candidates to conduct interviews, at Unity Resourcing, we screen all our candidates in our own interview first. This is a process where we will meet with the candidate, find out about their previous experience, what they hope to gain from a new role, and why they are looking to move on. We would select the top candidates to send you for an interview. Each of them will match your requirements and be eager to fill the position, it’s just down to you to decide which one. We take our time to go through each candidates experience with you ahead of the interviews. All of the interviews will be arranged by your Consultant.

Following the interviews, we speak to the candidates to find out their feedback, how they felt the interview went and hear their thoughts on the role. We then report this back to you the employer.  This is especially useful information when selecting a candidate and knowledge you wouldn’t have without using an agency.

Remember we are with you every step of the way to provide advice and support with your recruitment process.  Once you’ve made your decision, we gather references for you, plus all the required paperwork for your candidate to start.

To find the perfect candidate it takes time, something that is extremely valuable to a growing business, but that’s not the only benefit to working with an agency. Once you’ve built up a strong relationship with a recruiter they will always be there for you, imagine how many candidates a recruiter meets each week, if you are growing business it’s worth having a relationship with an agency, that way when they come across a perfect candidate even if you aren’t advertising a role at that time, it means you would never miss out on that perfect team member.

Recruiters have a reputation of not caring but that really isn’t the case. Recruiters like us take time to work on your role, to understand it, your business and you. We make it our mission to fill that position. We work with our candidates the same way we work with you and it becomes another mission of ours to find them the perfect role. When the jigsaw pieces fit, you’ve helped someone find their dream job, and you’ve helped a business to succeed.

Recruitment is one of the most satisfying and rewarding jobs out there!